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    I’m no casual: exploring the consumer behaviour of Fantasy Premier League hardcore international managers
    The internet has caused a worldwide exponential increase in the number of fantasy sports consumers in general, and Fantasy Premier League (FPL) in particular. This paper investigates the overall experiences of hardcore ‘managers’. Using interviews and applying Grounded Theory, this study offers a description regarding managers’ 1) perceptions of what makes a hardcore manager as against a casual one; 2) motivations to participate in FPL at hardcore levels; 3) media usage; 4) the impact FPL has on their consumption of the sport and its products; and 5) the marketability of specific players. Subsequently, we develop an understanding of international FPL hardcore managers’ consumption behaviour. This understanding helps teams, marketers, and sponsors both directly and indirectly to establish a more effective reach to this growing psychographic group. Moreover, it contributes to the body of knowledge of cultural consumer research.