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    Multiclass feature selection with metaheuristic optimization algorithms: a review
    (2022) ;
    Olatunji O. Akinola
    Absalom E. Ezugwu
    Jeffrey O. Agushaka
    Abualigah, Latih
    Selecting relevant feature subsets is vital in machine learning, and multiclass feature selection is harder to perform since most classifications are binary. The feature selection problem aims at reducing the feature set dimension while maintaining the performance model accuracy. Datasets can be classified using various methods. Nevertheless, metaheuristic algorithms attract substantial attention to solving different problems in optimization. For this reason, this paper presents a systematic survey of literature for solving multiclass feature selection problems utilizing metaheuristic algorithms that can assist classifiers selects optima or near optima features faster and more accurately. Metaheuristic algorithms have also been presented in four primary behavior-based categories, i.e., evolutionary-based, swarm-intelligence-based, physics-based, and human-based, even though some literature works presented more categorization. Further, lists of metaheuristic algorithms were introduced in the categories mentioned. In finding the solution to issues related to multiclass feature selection, only articles on metaheuristic algorithms used for multiclass feature selection problems from the year 2000 to 2022 were reviewed about their different categories and detailed descriptions. We considered some application areas for some of the metaheuristic algorithms applied for multiclass feature selection with their variations. Popular multiclass classifiers for feature selection were also examined. Moreover, we also presented the challenges of metaheuristic algorithms for feature selection, and we identified gaps for further research studies.
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