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    Markisa/Passion Fruit Image Classification Based Improved Deep Learning Approach Using Transfer Learning
    (2023) ;
    Abdo, Ahmed
    Hong, Chin Jun
    Kuan, Lee Meng
    Pauzi, Maisarah Mohamed
    Sumari, Putra
    Abualigah, Laith
    Fruit recognition becomes more and more important in the agricultural industry. Traditionally, we need to manually identify and label all the fruits in the production line, which is labor intensive, error-prone, and ineffective. Therefore, a lot of fruit recognition systems are created to automate the process, but fruit recognition system for Malaysia local fruit is limited. Thus, this project will focus on classifying one of the Malaysia local fruits which is markisa/passion fruit. We proposed two CNN models for markisa classification. The performances of the proposed models are evaluated on our own dataset collection and produces an accuracy of 97% and 65% respectively. The results indicated that the architecture of CNN model is very important because different architecture can produce different results. Therefore, first CNN model is selected because it can classify 4 types of markisa with a higher accuracy. In the proposed work, we also inspected two transfer learning methods in the classification of markisa which are VGG-16 and InceptionV3. The results showed that the performance of the first proposed CNN model outperforms VGG-16 (95% accuracy) and InceptionV3 (65% accuracy).