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Improved Reptile Search Algorithm by Salp Swarm Algorithm for Medical Image Segmentation

2023, Abualigah, Laith, Habash, Mahmoud, Hanandeh, Essam Said, Hussein, Ahmad MohdAziz, Al Shinwan, Mohammad, Abu Zitar, Raed, Jia, Heming

This study proposes a novel nature-inspired meta-heuristic optimizer based on the Reptile Search Algorithm combed with Salp Swarm Algorithm for image segmentation using gray-scale multi-level thresholding, called RSA-SSA. The proposed method introduces a better search space to find the optimal solution at each iteration. However, we proposed RSA-SSA to avoid the searching problem in the same area and determine the optimal multi-level thresholds. The obtained solutions by the proposed method are represented using the image histogram. The proposed RSA-SSA employed Otsu’s variance class function to get the best threshold values at each level. The performance measure for the proposed method is valid by detecting fitness function, structural similarity index, peak signal-to-noise ratio, and Friedman ranking test. Several benchmark images of COVID-19 validate the performance of the proposed RSA-SSA. The results showed that the proposed RSA-SSA outperformed other metaheuristics optimization algorithms published in the literature.