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    A modified coronavirus herd immunity optimizer for capacitated vehicle routing problem
    (2022) ;
    Mohammad Dalbah, Lamees
    Al-Betar, Mohammed Azmi
    Awadallah, Mohammed A.
    Capacitated Vehicle routing problem is NP-hard scheduling problem in which the main concern is to findthe best routes with minimum cost for a number of vehicles serving a number of scattered customersunder some vehicle capacity constraint. Due to the complex nature of the capacitated vehicle routingproblem, metaheuristic optimization algorithms are widely used for tackling this type of challenge.Coronavirus Herd Immunity Optimizer (CHIO) is a recent metaheuristic population-based algorithm thatmimics the COVID-19 herd immunity treatment strategy. In this paper, CHIO is modified for capacitatedvehicle routing problem. The modifications for CHIO are accomplished by modifying its operators to pre-serve the solution feasibility for this type of vehicle routing problems. To evaluate the modified CHIO, twosets of data sets are used: the first data set has ten Synthetic CVRP models while the second is an ABEFMPdata set which has 27 instances with different models. Moreover, the results achieved by modified CHIOare compared against the results of other 13 well-regarded algorithms. For the first data set, the modifiedCHIO is able to gain the same results as the other comparative methods in two out of ten instances andacceptable results in the rest. For the second and the more complicated data sets, the modified CHIO isable to achieve very competitive results and ranked the first for 8 instances out of 27. In a nutshell,the modified CHIO is able to efficiently solve the capacitated vehicle routing problem and can be utilizedfor other routing problems in the future such as multiple travelling salesman problem
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