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Dossier : Recherches actuelles sur l'occupation des périphéries désertiques de la Jordanie aux périodes protohistoriques

2013, Claire Ella Dardaillon, Haydar, Jamal, Al-Bahloul, Khozama, Benech, Christophe, Bordreuil, Etienne, Bessac, Jean-Claude, Callot, Olivier, Calvet, Yves, Geyer, Bernard, Carbillet, Aurélie, Goiran, Jean-Philippe, Hawley, Robert, Herveux, Linda, Marriner, Nick, Onnis, Francesca, Pardee, Dennis, Rejiba, Fayçal, Roche-Hawley, Carole, Sauvage, Caroline, Matoïan, Valérie, Al-Maqdissi, Michel

This report presents preliminary results from the Syrian-French archaeological mission at Ras Shamra - Ugarit for the fields seasons of 2009 and 2010. At Ras Shamra tell, the study of the the Late Bronze Age city continued at several sites ("rempart", "Grand-rue" with the excavations of a water well, "pont-barrage", area east of the royal palace), with the study of the ashlar mansonry, in addition to a new site in the so-called "Maison de Yabninu". Two others projects-soundings in the area of the so-called "Temple de Dagan" and a georadar survey - have helped to improve our knowledge of the city's urban fabric. The expedition's work also extended to the neighbouring site of Ras Ibn Hani in order to provide insights into the Holocene morphogenesis of the tombolo. Research on archaeological and epigraphic material was also undertaken in the museums of Damascus, Aleppo and Lattakia during these two campaigns