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    Relative Sea-Level Changes on the Southwestern Arabian Gulf since the Last Glacial Maximum
    (2022) ; ;
    Arhan, Damien
    Several works have been carried out regarding Late Pleistocene–Holocene sea-level changes in the Arabian Gulf. Nevertheless, a global and regional approach is still lacking, and some critical issues remain unsolved. In this paper, a review and a reinterpretation of all published data regarding sea-level changes in the area have been completed and compared with new results obtained from fieldworks carried out in Failaka Island, Kuwait, and in Abu Dhabi Emirate, United Arab Emirates. This work relies mostly on studying geomorphological sea-level indicators, such as beach rocks and beach ridges besides combining archaeological data. Results show different trends in vertical movement within the studied area since the Last Glacial Maximum, which cannot be explained alone by the existing sea-level model, implying different, specific and local factors, such as tectonic deformations and diapirism.
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